ARLEDGE/ALDRIDGE/ALLRED (and other name variants) 

Marriage Records: OTHER NC COUNTIES (not including Polk, Rutherford or Randolph)

Compiled from various sources; please send additional marriage information to Pam Wilson

ALDRED, David L marr. KING, Lacy An 13-JUL-1855, Guilford, NC

ALDRED, Eleanor marr. HENRY, James G 13-DEC-1853, Guilford, NC

ALDRED, Elizabeth marr. LOYDE, James 08-OCT-1829, Guilford, NC

ALDRED, Henry W marr. JOHNSON, Abby 15-SEP-1817, Guilford, NC

ALDRED, Kingsbury marr. DIXON, Elinor 09-APR-1842, Guilford, NC

ALDRED, Ledia marr. CAULK, Henry 03-MAR-1830, Guilford, NC

ALDRED, Polly marr. TAYLOR, James 14-APR-1830, Guilford, NC

ALDRED, Robert marr. ALEXANDER, Nancy 28-DEC-1818, Guilford, NC

ALDRED, Talbet marr. FRY, Polly 14-NOV-1825, Guilford, NC

ALDRED, William marr. BOLING, Nancy 26-SEP-1832, Guilford, NC

ALDRIDGE, Simeon marr. BRITTAIN, Mary 06-OCT-1785, Guilford, NC

ALRED, William C marr. THOMPSON, Dilly C 06-MAY-1865, Guilford, NC

ALRED, John marr. CAUSEY, Hannah 25-OCT-1821, Guilford, NC

ALRED, Parrum W marr. LAYTON, Elizabeth 13-DEC-1860, Guilford, NC

ALRED, Sarah marr. CAUSEY, William 08-OCT-1860, Guilford, NC

ALRED, William marr. WEATHERLY, Peggy H 07-MAR-1848, Guilford, NC

ALLDREDGE, John marr. ELLIOT, Rebecca 16-JUN-1818, Guilford, NC

ALLRED, Joseph marr. CLOUNCH, Martha 07-NOV-1856, Guilford, NC

ALDERIDGE, Nancy marr. PUCKETT, James 27-DEC-1833, Caswell, NC

ALDRESS, William marr. SMITHEY, Elizabeth 14-OCT-1799, Caswell, NC

ALDRIDG, Suanna marr. MELTON, David 30-DEC-1816, Caswell, NC

ALDRIDGE, Andrew marr. MELTON, Patsey 17-APR-1834, Caswell, NC

ALDRIDGE, Artilia marr. STADLER, William B 20-OCT-1840, Caswell, NC

ALDRAGE, Martha marr. HARRIS, Hiram 02-MAR-1860, Yadkin, NC

ALDRED, Robert L marr. COLLET, Basha H 30-OCT-1856, Davidson, NC

ALDREDGE, Clemuel marr. JONES, Mariah 30-JUN-1863, Davidson, NC

ALDREDGE, Leonard marr. FLYNT, Katharine 18-APR-1809, Stokes, NC

ALDREDGE, Thomas marr. PLY, Mary 12-OCT-1822, Stokes, NC

ALDRED, Merris marr. NELSON, Samuel 15-JUL-1821, Chatham, NC

ALDREDGE, Samuel marr. HEADIN, Polly 07-SEP-1821, Chatham, NC

ALDRICH, Hanna marr. FELPS, Thomas 20-APR-1792, W.M.C., NC

ALDRICH, L S marr. CHUNN, Mary E 17-NOV-1858, Rowan, NC

ALDRIDGE, Andrew J marr. FURR, Mary E 29-SEP-1865, Cabarrus, NC

ALDRIDGE, Emaline Elizabeth marr. GEARHART, Dred Taswell 18-MAR-1851, Stokes, NC

ALDRIDGE, Hannah marr. ALLRED, William B 17-NOV-1845, Caswell, NC

ALDRIDGE, Isham marr. PARKER, Diannah ??-DEC-1792, Wilkes, NC

ALDRIDGE, J E marr. CLAMPET, Mary 21-MAY-1859, Macon, NC

ALDRIDGE, Jane marr. BURKE, William A 04-JAN-1845, Caswell, NC

ALDRIDGE, John marr. TAYLOR, Dicey 10-NOV-1830, Orange, NC

ALDRIDGE, Joseph marr. ASHLEY, Susannah 03-JAN-1788, Orange, NC

ALDRIDGE, Joseph marr. GRAVES, Patsey 25-DEC-1816, Caswell, NC

ALDRIDGE, Mahaly marr. TOLBERT, William 29-MAR-1840, Cabarrus, NC

ALDRIDGE, Martha marr. HERNDON, George 16-JAN-1866, Caswell, NC

ALDRIDGE, Mary marr. MAXWELL, Peter 23-MAY-1808, Rockingham, NC

ALDRIDGE, Nancy marr. CHANDLER, Rufus W 08-NOV-1843, Caswell, NC

ALDRIDGE, Nancy marr. JONES, Edmond 10-APR-1854, Craven, NC

ALDRIDGE, Nancy marr. SUMMERS, Amos 17-MAR-1860, Yadkin, NC

ALDRIDGE, Nancy marr. POWELL, James R ??- -????, Chatham, NC

ALDRIDGE, Nicholas marr. KNOCK, Sarah 09-AUG-1793, Rowan, NC

ALDRIDGE, P H marr. DANERON, E H 06-MAR-1860, Caswell, NC

ALDRIDGE, Paulina marr. SPAINHOUR, Charles 28-AUG-1844, Stokes, NC

ALDRIDGE, Peter marr. WAGGENOR, Judith 04-FEB-1786, Orange, NC

ALDRIDGE, Prince William marr. COONS, Maryann 18-FEB-1793, Wilkes, NC

ALDRIDGE, Rachel marr. CALAWAY, William 03-MAR-1825, Alleghany, NC

ALDRIDGE, Richard marr. PLEASANT, Lucy 21-JAN-1822, Caswell, NC

ALDRIDGE, Richard marr. FRISBY, Rachel 17-JAN-1866, Madison, NC

ALDRIDGE, Sarah F marr. REDMAN, Franklin 26-JAN-1846, Stokes, NC

ALDRIDGE, Sophia marr. FLEMING, John 26-APR-1816, Chatham, NC

ALDRIDGE, Susan marr. VAUGHAN, William 30-OCT-1851, Caswell, NC

ALDRIDGE, Telitha marr. PARKS, John 29-DEC-1852, Franklin, NC

ALRIDGE, Betsy marr. COLLEN, William 18-JAN-1823, Person, NC

ALDRIDGE, Delilah marr. PETTIJOHN, Jacob 26-FEB-1791, Surry, NC

ALDRIDGE, Elizabeth marr. PURDOM, Thomas 15-JAN-1809, Surry, NC

ALDRIDGE, Elizabeth marr. SPEER, John 09-OCT-1820, Surry, NC

ALDRIDGE, Henry marr. JOHNSON, Lydia 14-MAR-1827, Surry, NC

ALDRIDGE, Henry marr. MORRISON, Nancy 03-JAN-1828, Surry, NC

ALDRIDGE, Joseph marr. MASEMORE, Ruth 23-DEC-1818, Surry, NC

ALRIDGE, Drewry marr. BRANDLE, Sarah 14-DEC-1819, Surry, NC

ALLRED, Lucinda marr. SATTERFIELD, John 12-MAR-1864, Surry, NC

ALLRED, Settle T marr. BELTON, Elizo J 02-MAR-1848, Surry, NC

AULDRED, William R marr. FRASIER, Nancy 02-FEB-1851, Surry, NC

ALRED, Elizabeth marr. NORMAN, John 08-MAY-1828, Surry, NC

AULDREDGE, Martha marr. LASETER, James 23-DEC-1846, Orange, NC

AULDRIDGES, Hanna marr. FELPS, Thomas 20-APR-1792, Rowan, NC

ALDRIDGE, William J marr. DONOHO, Elizabeth 06-FEB-1856, Caswell, NC

ALDRIGE, Elizabeth marr. GALLAMAR, John 29-MAY-1844, Stokes, NC

ALDRIGE, James marr. MOORE, Isbella G 27-OCT-1824, Caswell, NC

ALDRIGE, Jane marr. ISAACS, Emsly 09-AUG-1841, Ashe, NC

ALDRIGE, Jon marr. ---, --- 26-FEB-1793, Rowan, NC

ALLRED, Albert marr. GORDON, Sallie 11-JAN-1853, Wilkes, NC

ALLRED, Alphonso marr. HALDEN, Marha A 02-JAN-1846, Orange, NC

ALLRED, Anna marr. BRANTLY, Berry 03-MAR-1866, Dare, NC

ALLRED, Betsey marr. BURROW, Benjamin 20-JUL-1833, Chatham, NC

ALLRED, C J marr. MCPHERSON, Mary 17-FEB-1869, Cumberland, NC

ALLDRIDGE, Misouri marr. WILEY, Emanuel 23-SEP-1866, Alamance, NC

ALLDRIDGE, William marr. BELL, Hannah 18-DEC-1772, -Unknown, NC

ALLDRIDGE, Winny marr. FULLER, Barnaba 23-MAR-1803, New Hanover, NC

ALLRED, E C marr. LAMB, Ruhama 06-OCT-1858, Chatham, NC

ALLRED, Emsley marr. JARRELL, Emily 06-JUL-1840, Rockingham, NC

ALLRED, James marr. GRANTHAM, Anne 06-NOV-1801, Richmond, NC

ALLRED, John L marr. POTEET, Pheba M 07-AUG-1851, Macon, NC

ALLRED, John M marr. COLLET, Florina Elizabeth 08-JUN-1852, Davidson, NC

ALLRED, Murphy marr. JARRELL, Elizabeth 28-DEC-1842, Rockingham, NC

ALLRED, William B marr. ALDRIDGE, Hannah 17-NOV-1845, Caswell, NC

ALLREN, Nancey marr. RAVENS, James 19-OCT-1791, Caswell, NC

ALLRED, Lydia marr. MERONEY, P P 25-JUL-1865, -Unknown, NC

ALLRED, Nelson H marr. LEONARD, Elisabeth 02-FEB-1853, Davidson, NC

ALLRIDGE, Edmond marr. WOODS, Jane 09-JAN-1837, Haywood, NC

ALLRIDGE, William marr. BELL, Hannah 18-DEC-1772, Rowan, NC

ALRED, Henry H marr. RUMFELT, Phebea J 25-NOV-1865, McDowell, NC

ALRED, J L marr. RUMFELT, Julia A 16-JUN-1860, McDowell, NC

ALRED, Louisa E marr. RUDD, Thomas H 06-JAN-1866, Caswell, NC

ALRED, Thomas marr. OVERMAN, July 04-APR-1855, Alamance, NC

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