ARLEDGE/ALDRIDGE/ALLRED (and other name variants)

Marriage Records: Polk/Rutherford Co, NC


Compiled from various sources; please send additional marriage information to Pam Wilson


ARLEDGE, Caroline marr. CASH, Drue 10-APR-1869, Polk, NC

ARLEDGE, G Bery marr. WALDROP, Rebeca 11-FEB-1855, Rutherford, NC

ARLEDGE, Green B marr. HALBERT, Sarah 23-MAR-1847, Polk, NC

ARLEDGE, H P marr. HIGGINS, Dorra 27-OCT-1882, Polk, NC

ARLEDGE, Happy marr. MCMURRAY, Columbus C 23-MAR-1852, Rutherford, NC

ARLEDGE, Harriet marr. CONSTANCE, Columbus 19-MAR-1897, Polk, NC

ARLEDGE, Isaac marr. HALBERT, Rebecca 29-JUL-1847, Polk, NC

ARLEDGE, Mary marr. HILL, Carson 10-MAY-1848, Rutherford, NC

ARLEDGE, Mirie marr. MILLS, Petter 25-DEC-1866, Polk, NC

ARLEDGE, Samuel marr. RUSSELL, Polley 01-SEP-1806, Rutherford, NC

ALDRIDGE, Frances marr. COLE, Margaret 19-OCT-1789, Rutherford, NC

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