ARLEDGE/ALDRIDGE/ALLRED (and other name variants) 

Marriage Records: MARYLAND (assorted counties)

Compiled from various sources; please send additional marriage information to Pam Wilson

ALDREN, Mary marr. DENNY, James 24-DEC-1742, Talbot, MD

ALDRIDG, Sarah marr. MERRIDAY, Henry 29-OCT-1711, Anne Arundel, MD

ALDRIDGE, Abraham marr. HALEY, Mary 03-DEC-1795, Baltimore, MD

ALDRIDGE, Caroline marr. WINEBERGER, John 31-OCT-1836, Prince Georges, MD

ALDRIDGE, Christiana marr. TRUNNELL, William 19-DEC-1832, Prince Georges, MD

ALDRIDGE, Ann marr. TODD, Samuel 01-APR-1755, Anne Arundel, MD

ALDRIDGE, Ann marr. BEALL, Robert 11-AUG-1787, Frederick, MD

ALDRIDGE, Ann marr. HALL, Benjamin 19-FEB-1838, Prince Georges, MD

ALDRIDGE, Anne marr. RICHISON, Richard 03-DEC-1707, Anne Arundel, MD

ALDRIDGE, Anne marr. CARRON, William 13-FEB-1786, Baltimore, MD

ALDRIDGE, Eleanor marr. BELT, Richard 05-DEC-1803, Prince Georges, MD

ALDRIDGE, Evan J marr. EURY, Mary E 13-OCT-1864, Frederick, MD

ALDRIDGE, George W marr. GILBERT, Ara 25-DEC-1837, Frederick, MD

ALDRIDGE, Martha marr. ROBERTS, John 05-SEP-1709, Anne Arundel, MD

ALDRIDGE, John marr. LAKIN, Mary 14-NOV-1783, Frederick, MD

ALDRIDGE, John marr. LIMES, Margaret 01-MAY-1792, Baltimore, MD

ALDRIDGE, Mary marr. GILL, George 28-FEB-1732, Anne Arundel, MD

ALDRIDGE, Mary marr. GILL, George 28-FEB-1732, Maryland Historical Society

ALDRIDGE, Rebecca marr. HARRIS, George 18-FEB-1723, Maryland Historical Society

ALDRIDGE, Sarah marr. SHEETS, Martin 24-DEC-1793, Maryland Historical Society

ALDRIDGE, Thomas marr. BLACKBURN, Mary 04-FEB-1791, Frederick, MD

ALDRIDGE, Thos marr. MEYERS, Cath 23-AUG-1798, Baltimore, MD

ALLDREDGE, Elizabeth marr. STOCKTON, John 05-NOV-1745, Cecil, MD

ALLDRIDGE, John marr. BEALL, Harriet 10-MAR-1806, Frederick, MD

ALRICKS, Hermanus marr. LIGGAT, Jane 01-JAN-1791, Frederick, MD

ALRICKS, West marr. PEYTON, Ann 21-FEB-1794, Frederick, MD

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