Photos of the family of
James Elbert Arledge
of Hattiesburg, MS

Photos and captions provided by Debbie Pilkington Kelly <> and Joyce Mitchell <>.


[As identified by Emily Anderson, daughter of Ida Eleanor, in a conversation with Joyce Mitchell, granddaughter of Minnie Estelle] Back row, left to right: Sally Elberta (Aunt Sister), Alla Eliza (Aunt Dante), Minnie Estelle (our grandmother), Rosalie Emmaline (Dode).

Front row: Lucy Ella (Aunt Ludy), Ida Eleanor (Aunt Tee, Emily's mother), Geneva Elvia (Aunt Neva), and Bessie Edna (Aunt Bess).

James Elberta Arledge, Lucy Stevens Arledge, Chauncey Edward Arledge and possibly Chauncey's wife Lillian Moore. I would say both pictures were taken circa 1910 since Chauncey married Lillian in 1907.

Chauncey Edward Arledge, son of James Elberta and Lucy Stevens Arledge.

These are all Arledge cousins and their nursemaid. If I am correct, the tallest child is my great aunt Mildred Williams (later Theobald), the next tallest is her sister Eva Williams (McInnis), the one pushing the stroller is Lucy Pettigrew (Grant), the one in the bottom middle is Lyda Williams (Moore), and the baby with the bottle is Margaret Estes. I would say this pic was taken around 1906 since Lyda appears to be around 3 in this picture.

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