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This material is from the research files of Pam Wilson. These are my research notes, and do not represent any conclusions in final form. Please consider them merely as musings based upon the available evidence! UPDATED December 2000. Many thanks to Graham Louer for his invaluable assistance with the Fairfield County, SC Arledge research.


Descendants of Isaac Arledge

Generation No. 1

1. ISAAC /5 ARLEDGE (WILLIAM4 ALDRIDGE, CLEMENT3, CLEMENT2, JOHN ALDRICH/1) was born December 1721 in Northumberland Co, VA; to Craven Co, NC (New Bern) c 1738, and died Bef. November 18, 1790 in Fairfield Co, SC (Will dated 5 Jan 1790). He married probably (1) ???. He married (2) ANNA/HANNAH ??? in probably Craven Co, NC or Fairfield Co, SC. She died Bet. 1798 - 1799.

Children of ISAAC ARLEDGE and ANNA/HANNAH ??? are:

2. i. CLEMENT ARLEDGE, b. Abt. 1748, ?? [HOH in 1790 SC Census-Fairfield]; d. Aft. September 19, 1821, Fairfield Co, SC (will dated 9-19-1821, proved 1-23-1822).

3. ii. JOSEPH ARLEDGE, b. Bef. 1755, ??? [HOH in 1790 SC census--Fairfield]; d. March 1806, Fairfield Co, S C (will dated 3-4-1806, proved 3-19-1806).

4. iii. AMOS ARLEDGE, b. Aft. 1755, Fairfield Co, SC? [HOH in 1790 SC Census-Fairfield]; d. Abt. 1845, Green River Cove, Polk County, NC.

5. iv. CALEB ALDRIDGE/ ARLEDGE, b. 1756, went to Anson/Mecklenburg Co, NC [1790 NC census]; d. Tennessee.

6. v. SARAH ARLEDGE, b. Bef. 1765, listed in 1790 census with 5 children.

vi. HULDAH ARLEDGE, b. Abt. 1769, Fairfield Co, SC; d. Bef. August 25, 1809; m. JESSE WRIGHT.


Unmarried in 1829 according to Fairfield Co. local census.

Fay Kitchens writes: "Rachel and Huldah married Jesse Ginn and Jesse Wright, but I do not know who married whom. On August 23, 1798 Jesse Rite (Wright) of Chester Co. gave Jesse Ginn his power of attorney to recover from Joseph and Clement Arledge their wives' part of estate." (Jan. 16, 1984 letter from Ken Tidwell, Salt Lake City, UT)

Graham Louer has a slightly different interpretation. "On 22 August 1798, a Jesse Wright appointed Jesse Ginn his attorney-in-fact, with a power of attorney to recover for Jesse Wright his share of Isaac [Arledge's] estate. Thus it appears that it was Jesse Wright, not Jesse Ginn, who married Huldah, and that Jesse Ginn was merely signing the receipt in that capacity. The reason being that Jesse Wright had moved to someplace inconvenient for handling such affairs himself.

"In 1800 there is a Jesse Wright in Pendleton District, SC (20010-11010).

"Implied Marriages of Fairfield has Jesse Gin the husband of ______Arledge, but this implied marriage was implied by the receipt signed by Jesse Ginn and found in the estate papers. A perfectly logical conclusion is one is not aware of the power of attorney Jesse Ginn had, plus the fact that *Both* Ginn and Wright cannot be husbands of Isaac's daughters; there is only one left, and it has to be Huldah. (Finally, a Huldy Wright, wife of Jesse, died slightly before 25 August 1809 when Jesse makes bond to administer her estate)....Huldah evidently married Jesse Wright some time between Jan 1790 and 22 August 1798, when Jesse Wright appointed Jesse Ginn his attorney in fact." (Graham Louer, personal correspondence, 1998).

Graham Louer writes (May 1999) about the settlement of Isaac Sr's estate:

sarah bishop and anne bishop received their shares in april and june of 1800, respectively. then, more than 3 years later, william, isaac, amos and jesse ginn [signing in his capacity of attorney for jesse wright, husband of huldah] all sign one receipt acknowledging receipt of their respective shares of the estate of isaac.

huldah m. [after jan 1790 and by aug 1798] jesse wright; huldah died in 1809, by august of that year

7. vii. ISAAC ARLEDGE, b. Abt. 1770, 1800 census in Fairfield Co, SC; d. 1847, Fairfield Co, SC (Will).

viii. RACHEL ARLEDGE, b. Abt. 1773; m. MABRY HILL, Bef. August 20, 1798, Fairfield Co, SC?.


She never married, according to F. R. Aldridge, who speculated that she was living in Autauga Co., Alabama with kin in 1850 census, age 98. I have not found this census record, and cannot say for sure that it is the same person, but I doubt it based on the following information.

However, Graham Louer states (personal correspondence) that "...Rachel, thought to be the youngest, had married Mabry Hill before 20 August 1798, for on that date they signed away Rachel's share of the estate for the sum of 20 pounds paid by Isaac and William Arledge, who were *not* the executors (and one wonders if they had authority), and who both in 1790 were not yet 'of age'...."

Graham wrote in May 1999:

"+ rachel was 26-44 [= b. 1755-1774] in 1800, and was 45+ [= b. 1775 or earlier] in 1820, if that was her, but because mabry was 16-25 [= b 1774-1784] in 1800, it seems likely that they were both born about 1774."

"rachel m. [after jan 1790 and by 1796] mabry hill; they had three 0-9 children by the 1800 census, and so likely had married by 1794; by 1820 rachel was a widow of age 45 or over in fairfield"

"in 1800, the household of mabry hill shows: male 10100, female 20010; thus rachel is 26-44 in 1800"

"in 1810, there is no mabry hill in sc; a rachel hill is in pendleton district in 1820, a rachael is in fairfield: male 000000, female 00101"

ix. WILLIAM ARLEDGE, b. Abt. 1775, Fairfield Co, SC.

x. ANNE ARLEDGE, b. Abt. 1777; m. ??? BISHOP, Bef. January 1790.


This birthdate seems too late considering the ages of the parents.

Graham Louer writes (May 1999) about the settlement of Isaac Sr's estate:

"Sarah Bishop and Anne Bishop received their shares in April and June of 1800, respectively. Then, more than 3 years later, William, Isaac, Amos and Jesse Ginn [signing in his capacity of attorney for Jesse Wright, husband of Huldah] all sign one receipt acknowledging receipt of their respective shares of the estate of Isaac."

"Anne was married by Jan 1790, and likely somewhat earlier, and so probably was born in the 1760s, or very early 1770s at the latest."

Notes for ??? BISHOP: Graham Louer speculates that the husband of Anne might have been Patrick Bishop, who lived very near the other Arledge households in the 1790 Fairfield County census listings (1-2-2-0-0). "It was evidently this Patrick who, in his will dated 14 Dec 1805 (proved 12 June 1806) named his wife Annay in his will." However, Louer believes that since Anne Bishop signed her own estate settlement on her father's estate, she must have been widowed by 3 June 1800. This is not entirely clear.

In his will, Patrick Bishop named five sons: Littleton, Isaac, Joseph, Zacariah and James.

An Anna Bishop is found in the Fairfield census in 1810 (12100-01001-00) and 1820 (010200-00101). Louer writes: "These two Annes appear to be the same family, and could possibly be Anne daughter of Isaac Arledge, or Annay the widow of Patrick Bishop" (if they are not the same).


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