The John and Mary Seymour ARLEDGE family
of  Hocking and Pickaway Counties, Ohio

George Washington Arledge (1876-1971) and James Nelson Arledge (1862-1956) were two of the sons of John Arledge (1830-1901, who was the son of Isaac and Polly Arledge) and Mary "Polly" Seymour. John Arledge fought for the Union in the Civil War in Company C, 178th Infantry, Ohio Regiment, enlisted 26 Sept 1864, age 34. George married Mary "Molly" Temple in Chllicothe in 1900, while James married Rachel Ann Arbaugh in Vinton Co, OH in 1884.

Daughter Margaret Ann Arledge (1853-1953) married Ezra Stiles Green in Ross County, OH in 1871 and they migrated west to homestead in Alexander, North Dakota in 1906.

Photo graciously provided by Shirley Essick Price <> and Ronald Arledge <>.

John and Mary Seymour Arledge

Ezra and Margaret Arledge Green

Photo taken at Ezra Green's funeral in 1934, McKenzie County, ND

Mary Hartley <> sent the following photo, with the note: "I have this photo of the Arledge looks like it might have been taken on the same day as the one already in your photo file. Anyway, the man sitting in the chair is James Nelson Arledge with his great grandson, John Howard Neff, Jr. on his lap. John Howard is the son of Alma (nee Hartley) Neff standing at the left with her daughter, Alice Marie Neffin her arms. The man in the middle, standing is Harley Mahlon Arledge, my husband's grandfather and Alma's, too. The lady on the right, is my husband and Alma's mother, Gladys Bernice (nee Arledge) Hartley. She is also the daughter of Harley, and granddaughter of James. "

The following photo was taken in Ohio of the two brothers James and George and the sons and daughter of James Nelson Arledge: Dexter, George W. [brother], Roy, James Nelson [brother], Ellen, Harl, William.


The following photo was taken of George and Molly and their children in about 1938.

The Arledge family at Tar Hollow, c. 1938 (left to right):

Anna Ruth Arledge                         b Sep 11 1921         d Aug 25 1976
Mary "Molly" Temple Arledge                    b Mar  1 1882         d May 26 1950
George Washington Arledge           b Jul 18 1876         d Mar 20 1971
Cora Isabelle Essick                       b Jul 28 1916         d Oct 23 1996
Herma Louise Hickey                      b Jun 23 1914         d Nov 26 1955
Charles Henry "Charlie" Arledge      b Mar 10 1903         d Apr 26 1963
Franklin Lewis "Frank" Arledge       b Mar  1 1906         d Jul 13 1976
Floyd  Arledge                                b Feb 28 1919         d Nov  5 1978

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