Garrett Longmarr Arledge family in Montague County, Texas

(above photos courtesy of Denise Campbell <>)

Garrett Longmarr Arledge (1846-1917) with sons and sons-in-law in 1909:

Pink Cowan, Hugh McClellan, John Martin Arledge (1889-1965), James L. "Jim" Arledge (1888-1916), Arthur Leslie "Doc" Arledge (b. 1881), Isaac Newton "Newt" Arledge (b. 1874), William Edward "Ed" Arledge (1872-1925), and father Garrett Longmarr Arledge (with peg leg).

The three daughters of Garrett Longmarr Arledge and Martha Bernice Chatham of Montague County, Texas:

Lara Arledge Cowan (b.1883), Iva Arledge Worley (b.1894), Fannie Arledge McClellan (b.1885)

Martha Bernice Chatham Arledge, Garrett's wife. The child is Kenneth Weldon Arledge, her grandson.

The Hugh J. McClellan and Fannie Bell Arledge Family

Front Row-L-R: Flora McClellan, Leona McClellan, Hugh J. McClellan, Fannie Bell Arledge McClellan, J.C. McClellan, and G.L. McClellan.

Back Row-L-R: Claude O. Young, Marjorie Young (being held), Clara McClellan Young, Thomas H. Campbell, Nellie McClellan Campbell, Morris Cranford, and Inez McClellan Cranford

Photos courtesy of Denise Campbell, Jo Ann Harry, Mary Arledge and Jim Reynolds. For more information on this family, see Probable Descendants of John Arledge of Edgefield Co, SC.

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