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JEFFERSON County, Territory of Florida, DEEDS

Deed Book A, p. 269: Indenture made 2 Nov 1831 between Martin Sparks of county aforesaid and CULLING E. ARLEDGE of the same place. For $80 Sparks sells to Arledge a tract of land in the town of Monticello, Lot #4. Witnesses James S. Parish, Wm. T. Clark

Deed Book A, p. 329: Indenture made 1 Feb 1832 between C.E. ARLEDGE and SeRey (?) Holt, all of county and territory aforesaid, for $25 in town of Monticello, lot #22. Wits: James S. Parrish, Jos. E. Williams.

Mary J. Arledge, wife of above-named CE Arledge...declared that she freely and voluntarily released her interest in said land. Signed Mary J. Arledge. Jos. Edwards, JP
Deed Book A, p. 395: Indenture made 28 Dec 1832 between Joseph Manning, Sheriff of Jefferson County,  and Cullen E. ARLEDGE;  whereas Solomon E. Mathers who was Sheriff at the time of sale, by virtue of an Execution out of a Court of a Justice of the Peace of said county dated 20 Dec 1831 signed by Wm Budd JP and directed to any lawful constable was delivered to Thomas Hardysman Constable of said County who was therein commanded to Levy said Execution on the Goods and CHattels lands and Tenements of John Hardison of sufficient quantity to satisfy a judgemnet obtained against him by Tibbets aand Kirksey for the use of JJ Mitchell bearer for $30.20 and costs of suit. (Note: another suit, exact words except by Abram Spengler for $4.17 and cost). And whereas the said Thomas Hardyman Constable on the 26th day of December 1831 levied said executions on Lots Number 65 and 79 in the town of Monticello....the said Sheriff...caused the sale of said Lots of Cullen E. ARLEDGE for the sum of $45.25 being the highest sum bid for the same....Joseph Manning, Sheriff. With: Thomas W. Raiford, Wm Budd

Deed Book A p. 439: 11 Apr 1833 between James S. Parish and Charlotte A. Parish to Cullen E. Arledge. For $25.50, Lot #80 in town of Monticello. Wits: Wm Budd, David Wolf (?)

Deed Book A, p. 459: 18 Apr 1833 between Cullen E. Arledge and Mary J. Arledge to John C. White, for $100, Lot #4 in town of Monticello. Wits: James Townsend, Wm Budd

Deed Book A, p. 538: 21 Jan 1834 from Cullen E. Arledge to Everett White for $10, Lot # 65 in town of Monticello as well as the exclusive and indefinite use of Sancho a free man of Color: "To have and to hold, the said bargained premises unto the said Everett White, his heirs and assigns, for the use of said Sancho forever."

Deed Book B, p. 175: 15 Jul 1835 (complicated document) Cullen E. Arledge was apparently a partner in a firm bearing his name with a Joseph B. Watts. This document gives up Watt's right, title and interest in the firm and protects Watts "from all notes, bills, bonds and endorsements" made in the firm's name, and Arledge is to pay off a note for $2310; Arledge also owes Watt $400 by 9 Feb 1836. Wit: John H Beale.

Deed Book B, p. 252: 29 April 1836 between Cullen E. Arledge and Charles T. Ulmer for $800, lots #79 and 80 in town of Monticello. Also a release by Mary J. Arledge. Wit: John H. Beale, Wm Budd JP. Recorded 2 May 1836.

Jefferson County, Territory of Florida, Will Book A, 1838-1845
Dated 28 April 1840

In the name of God Amen. I Clary Arledge being sick and weak in body, but of sound mind, memory and understanding and considering the certainty of death and the uncertainty of the time thereof; and to the end I may be better prepared to leave this world whenever it shall please God to call me home, do therefore make and declare this my last Will and Testamant in manner following (that is to say)

First, Invoke all wills heretofire made by me, this being my last Will and testament made this 27 day of April 1840.

Second, I give and bequeath unto the children of my son Cullen E (___) Martha, Lewis, Mary Eliza, Clary Emmeline, Xerxes George, and Louisa Ann, the following slaves (namely) Sylvia, Harriet, Jerry and Charles, and their increase , to have and to hold the above mentined slaves and their increase to them, their heirs and assigns forever.

Thirdly, It is my will and devise that my son Cullen E. Arledge shall have the control of the above bequeathed property for the use of his children above named, and at his death that it be divided equally among them.

In witness whereof I Clary Arledge the Testative have to this my Will of one sheet of paper set my hand and seal, this 27 of April  1840.

Clary Arledge [LS]

Witnesses: Edward C. Cadwell
R.G. Swingston
B.C. Pope

Recorded the 6 May 1840 before the Clerk of the County Court of Jefferson Co, Florida

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