Sons of ELIAZER "EASOR" ARLEDGE of Polk County, NC

"Easor" or "Azer" Arledge was the son of Clement Arledge and Elizabeth Holbert of Polk County, NC, grandson of Jonathan and Harriett Arledge and great-grandson of Amos, who came to this area of North Carolina from Fairfield County, SC.

The children of "Easor" and his wife Sophronia Hampton Arledge were: Napoleon Bonaparte "Boney" Arledge, Basil Arledge, Arkansas Elizabeth Arledge, Reece Arledge, Theodore Roosevelt "Ted" Arledge, Nora Arledge, Rochell Henry Arledge, Nannie Sue Arledge, and Richmond Azer Arledge.

Below are photos of Ted Arledge (1902-1984) and a photo of Ted, later in life, with his brothers Richmond, Rochell, Reece and Boney. They were provided by Ted's daughter Ann Arledge Jamison .

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